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New Year Joint Declaration on the People’s Revolution

1 January 2023

1.​ The Spring Revolution is a noble endeavour with overwhelming support of all the peoples of Myanmar, of all nationalities, from all walks of life and all regions. With the common goal of eradicating the military dictatorship, and through united efforts of the revolutionary forces, the people seek to establish national unity and to institute a true federal democracy, thus resolving over 70 years of political strife and discord.

2.  The Federal Democracy Charter embodies the common political agreement of the constituent revolutionary forces of the NUCC and the NUG. Our revolutionary forces pledge an endeavour, underpinned by collective leadership, collective responsibility and unyielding commitment in line with the political road map based on the aspirations and values espoused in the Federal Democracy Charter.

3.​  After eradication of the military dictatorship, our aspirant federal democratic union shall oppose any form of bigotry, guarantee the rights of ethnic nationalities and the equality and self-determination of the states or federal units. Such a union shall be constituted to protect the rights of citizens, human rights and minority rights according to democratic standards.

4.​  We believe that the failure to implement the commitments of the Panglong conference led to the extinguishment of democracy, discrimination, and loss of equality and right of self-determination for ethnic nationalities. Subsequent emergence of a system of central control and a military institution that is steeped in the ideology of dictatorship are the root causes that perpetuate underlying political problems of our nation.

5.​  We are determined to establish, from among all the ethnic nationalities, a Federal Defence Force of the future federal democratic union, that embraces the principle of civilian supremacy, refrains from involvement in the field of politics, and is concerned solely with the defence of the nation.

6.​  In the transitional period after the defeat of the attempted coup detat, we will maintain the national unity that has been achieved and, in accordance with the transitional constitution, fairly apportion legislative, executive and judicial powers of transitional administration among those who hold de jure legitimacy through the elections of 2020 and those who hold de facto legitimacy through other means in our national struggle for liberation.

7.  ​In our country, successive dictators have committed injustices, violations of human rights, and international crimes against ethnic nationalities. We will implement transitional justice to bring truth, justice and accountability for the perpetrators, and to introduce reforms to prevent similar occurrences in the futures.

8.​  The terrorist military junta has attempted to seize power, not only by trampling on the laws of the land, but by persecuting the people through murder, torture and destruction of property and livelihood. Such a terrorist organisation has no right to hold an election. Any ‘election’ that they hold will never be the solution to the political problems that beset Myanmar; it will only be an act of deception that does not even deserve to be dignified with the term ‘election’.

9.​  The terrorist military junta’s efforts are nothing more than political deception and a trap, intended to alleviate myriad crises and challenges that they face. As such, we categorically denounce and oppose their attempt to hold such an illegal sham election.

10.​  We honour the sacrifices made by the forces of liberation, members of the ethnic revolutionary organisations, people’s defence forces (PDF), participants of the civil disobedience movement (CDM), private sector workers, and other supporters of the revolution. Countless lives and livelihoods have been lost, and much blood and sweat been shed, over the years. After the success of the revolution, there will be recognition and recompense for those sacrifices.

11.​  We believe that the defeat of the military dictatorship and establishment of a true federal democratic system are crucial to achieve cessation of war, and to establish a Union that enjoys lasting peace, stability, harmony with its neighbours and the wider international community, and that enjoys sustainable development. Accordingly, we the forces of revolution will work tirelessly and in unison until the military dictatorship has been eradicated and the people’s revolution has triumphed.

12.  ​We call on all the peoples of Myanmar to join us in this historic revolution that will determine the destiny of the nation with ardour, valour and determination.

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