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Statement on the 3rd Anniversary of the 2020 General Election

8 November 2023

1.  It has been three years since the 2020 multi-party democratic general election was successfully held which was recognized by the public, the world countries and international election observers as a transparent, free and fair one. The people of Myanmar who have intensely desire for democracy showed clearly their will in the election.

2.  The military leaders who always manipulate Myanmar’s politics seized the power of the country illegally from the civilian government on 1 February 2021 against the will of the people due to the election results that did not happen as they have expected. People across the country showed their strong opposition to the unlawful military coup and are bravely resisting against the military dictatorship in various ways till now.

3.  On 5 February 2021, elected representatives of the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw in the 2020 election successfully convened the parliamentary session and defended people’s mandate from military prevention and insulation because the military junta intentionally blocked the parliament in order to invalidate election result and not to emerge the civilian government. The National Unity Government was founded by consulting with revolutionary forces and holding legitimacy given by the people.

4.  The terrorist organization so-called State Administrative Council (SAC) led by coup leader Min Aung Hlaing has carried out human right violations, inhumane violations, arbitrary arrests, killings, and war crimes across the country like the nature of the military dictators. This made more than 1.8 million people displaced and threatened regional stability. At least 25,382 people including President U Win Myint, State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the democratically elected representatives have been arrested and 4,175 individuals have been killed by the unlawful military council. Around 80,000 civilian houses, medical facilities, and religious buildings have been destroyed.

5.  Military junta is facing the potential resistance by the revolutionary forces and diverse classes of people including the young generations and women after the first day of the coup. It can be seen significantly that the terrorist military council is not able to control the country and is losing their controlled areas day by day that they haven’t expected even though they are increasingly carrying out the violence with powerful weapons, air-strikes, mass arson and inhuman tortures by using the public

6.  The people of Myanmar have expressed how much they detest the military dictatorship and how much they desire for democracy, human rights and freedom by devoting their life to the spring revolution. Therefore, the elected parliamentarians will keep depending the people’s desire shown in the election that is the fundamental foundation of democracy. Additionally, we are participating together with the revolutionary forces in the efforts to end the military junta and to build a federal democratic union which guarantees freedom, justice, equality, human rights and peace as the people direly desire it.

7.  In order to have impunity from their brutal crimes and solve their current situation that had been blocked, the military junta which systematically commits terrorism is planning to hold a sham election and is trying to twist the international community to have legitimacy. This sham election cannot resolve the ongoing political crisis in Myanmar.

8.  In order to cease the current bad situation and to find a solution to Myanmar’s crisis, the illegal military coup and their terrorist attacks against civilians must be ended. Only ending manipulation of the military in Myanmar’s politics and holding military junta accountable will bring justice and lasting peace for the people of Myanmar. The cooperation and support of the international community are vital to end the military junta and to restore democracy in Myanmar. Therefore, we sincerely hope that the international community will understand the actual situations and background of the Myanmar political crisis and will provide practical support.

9.  We gratefully acknowledge the revolutionary and political forces including the “Operation 1027” and all ethnicities who are continuously participating in the revolution with their own ways by withstanding the military’s atrocities till now. We also firmly believe that the peoples’ revolution will surely succeed due to such united and collective resistance.

10.  The Committee Representing of Pyidaungsu Hluttaw, in accordance with adopted political visions since its establishment, will continue its own and collective efforts with ethnic revolutionary organizations and democratic forces to cease the illegal military coup, to hold military leaders and collaborators accountable for their committed crimes and to build an inclusive federal democratic union as soon as possible.

11.  Therefore, if the international community want to effectively help resolve the Myanmar’s crisis and implement a peaceful future for Myanmar’s people as soon as possible, we deeply urge again on behalf of the people of Myanmar to the international community, on this 3rd anniversary of the 2020 multi-party democratic general election, to take action on the following matters.

  • To officially recognize the National Unity Government (NUG) which was formed in accordance with mandate and legitimacy given by the people through the free and fair democratic election. Not to engage with illegal military council in any way, however put possible pressures including economic and political pressures to end their atrocities immediately.
  • To cooperate and support the efforts of the Myanmar community including the National Unity Government, to hold the military accountable for their committed crimes and to bring justice to the victims.
  • To keep help for immediate release of arbitrarily detainees including civilian government’s leaders and the elected representatives.
  • To increase technical and financial assistance to strengthen our current civil administration and democratic institutions.
  • To help in the implementation of transition processes as soon as possible including trust-building processes among the democratic forces led by the United Nations or the cooperation of world’s democratic countries.

The Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw

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