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Statement on the International New Year 2024

1 January 2024

1.  We, the Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw, wish all the nationwide citizens of Myanmar and the people around the world to fulfill all the good deeds, wishes and safety, and a New Year which all can contribute as much as possible for the sake of our future federal democratic union with full energy. We also wish that the 2024 New Year will be the time for the end of the military junta and the prosperous days for all Myanmar’s people.

2.  This New Year is the time that all the people of Myanmar are trying to escape the country from military dictators and to build the new future peaceful state by resisting the unlawful attempt of military to coup and their atrocities even in many difficulties. The united resistance in many forms by all ethnicities and the diverse revolutionary forces have practically gained achievements and are moving forward to victory for the end.

3.  We deeply appreciate the International Community including neighboring countries for the given support and solidarity with the people of Myanmar as believing their outlook that respects democracy. We deeply call for our neighboring countries and all around the world to increase more sanctions against the military junta and more effective support to the revolutionary forces in the New Year 2024 in order to immediately end of military dictators and establish of a federal democratic state as soon as possible in Myanmar.

4.  The achievements of the Spring Revolution that can be now seen are the results of resistance by the ethnic people and revolutionary forces against military dictators in almost three years with many ways and firmly perseverance. We highly thank all ethnic resistance organizations who are joining in the resistance movements across the country, the People Defense Force and the entire ethnicities including the brave CDMers, students and youths who are still overcoming the difficulties and suffering the various brutalities of terrorist military junta.

5.  We, the democratically elected parliamentarians in the 2020 general election, will continue work together hand-in-hand with the political and revolutionary forces who have the same vision with us by building mutual-respect and trust more than before to achieve our visions as we have taken part in the revolution since the early beginnings with the aims to end the military dictatorship and to build the new federal democratic state in our country.

6.  Moreover, we deeply affirm and commit to work for the immediate release of all political prisoners including President U Win Myint and State counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and to emerge the federal democratic union of Myanmar in accordance with the same will of the people in the New Year 2024.

7.  We issue this New Year Statement by wishing all a new year that brings peacefulness and joyfulness after escaping from all difficulties in the past year and committing to step forward to a federal democratic union with strong patience and perseverance for the future new generations by marching to victory of our Spring Revolution.

The Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw

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