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Statement regarding Military Junta’s Air-Attacks on Camp Vitoria of Chin National Front (CNF) in Chin State

11 January 2023

1. On 10 January, 2023, illegal military junta has launched air-strikes on Camp Vitoria, the Headquarters of the Chin National Front (Army) in Chin State, Myanmar. We, the Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw condemn in the possible strongest terms for such inhumane acts of the military junta and offer our sincerest condolences to the families of the five members of CNF who have lost their lives in the attack, the Chin Nationalities and the Chin National Front. We also send our best wishes to those injured persons for the speedy recovery. 

2.  Later unlawful coup by the military junta with arms power, over 2700 civilians were killed in the systematic nationwide violation by the military junta’s forces and thousands including women and children have been displaced due to indiscriminate attacks on civilians and intentionally to democracy forces. At least 460 were killed in the aerial attacks by the military junta that included several women and children. 

3.  The everyday escalated violation of the military junta has neglected the efforts to help the crisis of Myanmar by the international community while significantly violating the resolution of the United Nations Security Council and decisions of ASEAN Leaders in the recent months. Moreover, they are destroying not only the rule of law and peace in the country but also threatening stability and security of the region and the world. 

4.  Hence, we would like to urge all ethnic nationalities to fight with united strengths against military junta and its unlawful group, so-called State Administrative Council who are trying to rule with inhumane violation against all of us. In addition, we would like to call for world’s states and organizations including the United Nations to work together with our revolutionary forces to take actions on military coup leaders and their backers who have committed serious violations and crimes.

The Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw

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