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Message by Actress Chit Thu Wai, representative from Art Industry at Virtual Ceremony of the International Day of Democracy – 2022 organized by the Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw on 15 September

I am very humbled and pleased to be able to read the message on behalf of all my fellow- artists who stand on the right side of the history in the spring revolution on this democracy day.

I’m a citizen of Myanmar.  But in a broader sense, and in the context of this plea, I am a citizen of earth! Just like all of you, I am one of the human beings on earth. Nowadays, everybody value the rights. Human rights are modified with systems by visionary world leaders and peacemakers. We like to believe that all human beings have their rights equally no matter what demographic backgrounds are. However, it is not the reality. I wonder why, when there is a violation of human rights, it takes a long time to take effective action on those who violated. The rights and democracy are never been apart.

Among the essence of democracy, Freedom is important. As our detained leader Daw ASSK said before, the real prison is the fear and the real freedom is the freedom from fear. This inspires us a lot. We believe that we are doing what is right no matter how much ၀fear drags us back. We are still moving forward in our fight for our rights.

I also would like to share my point of view as an artist. Artistic freedom is essential for creating art. Therefore, it is very challenging, even impossible, for the art to survive in a land where democracy does not flourish. Even if there was an art which reflects the current situation, those artists can be subjected to all kinds of oppression including risking their lives. The detained artists and the tortured artists are the proof of those cruelty and oppression by evil military junta.

According to the documentation, more than 12 thousands (12340 to be exact) of civilians including nearly a hundred of artists are detained including ‘ Min Htin KoKo Gyee, Saw Phoe Khwar, PO Po , YE tike, EE toe, Win Min Than, the philanthropist Daw Than Mint Aung , the novelist,saya Mg That Cho, the politicians Saya Htin Lin oo, Ko May Aye and many more.

Moreover, the army tortured and killed more than 2000 civilians spring heroes including 8 literacy artists. Two of the recently executed four political prisoners, Ko Jimmy and KO Phyo Zayar Thaw are not only the politician but also the artists loved and respected by people. Until now, they continue to kill more political prisoners in the prisons.

We’ve already lost our family members. People from Karrenni, chin and sagging region lost their shelters and lives because the military burnt down their houses, killed and tortured the innocent civilians. Children in those places became homeless. They lost their homes, health care, schools, education, their futures, dreams, and their precious childhood! They now live in fear from cruel violations today and trauma they have to deal with for many years to come. Since the coup, we, Myanmar people have been proven that we deserve the democracy.

It is very crucial and urgent for all of us to try our very best to put an end to the military culture, the atrocities and cruelty committed by the military junta, in our beloved country, Myanmar. So, we are still fighting for it.

At the same time, Myanmar people eagerly and desperately need to develop a culture that values democracy and human rights and we also need help from our brothers and sisters around the world. We need your help now more than ever! After all, we are the family living together on this earth. Sometimes I wonder what it takes for us to get help. How many lives need to be killed, how many lives need to be tortured , how many children have to lose their parents and how many parents have to lose their family members,,, to take action on those who violated the rights. I’ve learnt what John Stuart Mill once said” the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for the good men to do nothing.” So, plz.. all the good men around the world, fight together with us showing the world there is no place for dictator, military junta and their violations on earth, and also show that we really care for each other and value to protect the rights and democracy.

The dictatorship has not been rooted out since long ago. So, the younger generation suffer these consequences. This spring revolution must be the last revolution and our generation has to be the last to witness the injustice. Now is the time. We MUST end the dictatorship! We MUST stop the military junta from committing crimes and violating all the rights of Myanmar people!  And I do believe that we, together with all of you, MUST bring back peace, Justice, tranquility, and democracy to our country.

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