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Announcement (11/2021) March 7, 2021


Announcement (11/2021)
March 7, 2021

Civil Servants who pledge allegiance to the illegitimate State Administrative Council and who do not participate in CDM movement are in violation of the Civil Servants’ Law.

  1. The illegitimate State Administrative Council, in arresting and charging Civil Servants participating in the CDM movement, has inappropriately cited the Civil Servants’ Law Article (10) Section (A) and (G). 
  1. In Article (10), Section (A) of the Civil Servant’s Law, “Loyalty to the Union” means only to show loyalty to the Union governed by the democratically elected legitimate civilian government. There is no need to show loyalty to the Union forcibly overrun by  the illegitimate State Administrative Council.
  1. Article (10), Section (A) states Civil Servants “Must be free of Party Politics.” Participating in the CDM movement is only a form of peaceful protest against the terrorist State Administrative Council and does not mean partaking in a particular political party activities. Hence, participating in the CDM movement does not conflict with this clause.
  1. Therefore, civil servants will not be held accountable or charged with violation of Civil Servants’ Law for pledging allegiance to the civilian government, rejecting the military coup, and participating in the CDM movement. Only those civil servants who pledge allegiance to the illegitimate State Administrative Council and do not partake in the CDM movement will be held accountable for violating the Civil Servants’ Law.

Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw

*Translated by web translation team

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