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Public Affairs Committee

The Public Affairs Committee is established to support the emergency humanitarian assistance to the citizens who have difficulties. One of the main tasks is to support especially the needs and difficulties of the civilian servants who took part in Civil Disobedience Movement, a peaceful movement against unlawful military coup.

Due to fund limitation, the committee is mainly supporting the maternal cost, health care charges and livelihood of CDM government officials and other supports goes to the families of political prisoners, injured and displaced people in conflicts.

The Committee operates its functions by the incomes from the Ahlu Shin Application and the Spring Legends YouTube Channel and the donations from the international communities. Moreover, the committee is working together with the other ministries including CDM Success Committee to adopt policies and guidelines for the opportunities and rights of CDMers in the post revolution period.

The Committee is cooperating with the Ministry of Humanitarian and Disaster Management, the Ministry of Women, Youths and Children Affairs of National Unity Government and the other external donors to help the displaced people.

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